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Adding CNAME Record

Create a CNAME record

A CNAME record is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) that's stored by your domain host.

In order to activate your reseller account you should own a domain (www.yourdomain.com). You can also use your sub-domain (www.sms.yourdomain.com)

Difference between Primary domain and Sub-domain.

Primary domain will be the main domain registered with the domain registrar for example www.yourdomain.com is called primary domain you can add any sub-domains to your primary domain for example www.sms.yourdomain.com or www.bulksms.yourdomain.com

If you have your own website and hosting space you can add sub-domains for your Bulk SMS Reseller panel, else you can use your primary domain.

Creating a CNAME record does not disrupt your current active services.

Our CNAME Value

Our CNAME Value – cloudserver7.com


Hosting is not required for activating Reseller Panel.

You don’t need to change the nameservers

Don’t redirect (URL forwarding) your domain/subdomain to our Server IP

You don’t need to upload any folder or files to your hosting account

You don’t need to add A records

Adding CNAME

In order to work your reseller panel with your domain/sub-domain you have to add CNAME records for the domain/sub-domain you wish to load your Reseller Control Panel. CNAME can be done in two ways as mentioned below

Adding CNAME Records (from domain control panel)

Note : This method will work only if your domain nameservers are pointed to the required nameservers (default nameservers) of the domain otherwise you can point it from your web hosting account.

For adding CNAME records first you have to login to your domain/web control panel under the Manage DNS/Add DNS/DNS Editor/DNS Zone (the exact terms may vary by host) and from there you have to add CNAME records to your domain/sub-domain.

If you have taken domain name form us you have to follow the below steps for adding CNAME records

Click CNAME Records and in the next screen, click Add CNAME Record.

There you would find 3 fields:

  1. Host Name: Here the domain name, for which you are adding the CNAME Record for, would be pre-filled (e.g. yourdomain.com). Now, if you wish to add a CNAME Record for sms.yourdomain.com, then you would have to put in ‘sms’ in the text box. If you wish to add CNAME Record for just yourdomainname.com, then you can leave this box blank.
  1. Value: Here you have to select the second option (Fully qualified domain name) and put the CNAME value cloudserver7.com
  1. TTL: This is the Time To Live for this Record, in seconds. Any Server which once queries this Record will query it again after this time interval. The ideal TTL is 86400, which is 1 day. It can not be set to less than 14400, i.e., 4 hours.

Click the Add Record button to submit your Record.

If you are not sure how to do this task then please contact your domain registrar/hosting company from where you have purchased the domain and ask them to do it for you. Please provide our CNAME value cloudserver7.com and request them to add CNAME value to your domain/sub-domain

Adding CNAME Records (from your hosting control panel)

Adding CNAME Records from hosting control panel is different for different hosting platforms and control panels, however in all hosting control panels you can find it under the DNS editor Zone/Domain Management.

In Windows Plesk 9.2 Panel you can find it under the Settings-> DNS SOA Records

In Linux Cpanel you can find it under the  Domains -> DNS Editor

If you are not able to find the DNS editor in your web hosting account please contact your hosting company and ask them to add CNAME to your domain/sub-domain

Check the status of your CNAME record.

After creating CNAME record, you will able to see a message while typing your domain or sub-domain in browser that “CNAME added Successfully Please contact administrator for activation”  if you are getting this message then the CNAME record is added successfully to your domain/subdomain

You can also ping your domain/sub-domain using the ping command from your cmd.

For run ping test Click Start -> Run -> Type cmd -> type ping <space> your pointed domain, for example ping yourdomain.com

If it’s showing our Server IP means your pointed was successful.

Note : 2-24 hours will take for DNS Propagation depends on your Domain/Hosting Company

Don’t redirect (URL forwarding) your domain/subdomain to our Server IP, which will show success message but your reseller website will not work until you have added CNAME records

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