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Knowledge Base » Bulk Voice Calls » General Questions & Answers
How to upload/record voice files?

You have 3 options for sending voice calls.

Uploading voice files

You can upload your own voice files which are recorded using your mobile phone or computer.

Recording your voice file using our IVR

For recording your voice through our IVR first of all you have to register your mobile number.  Enter your mobile number and click 'add'. Wait for confirmation code in your mobile.  Then click 'Confirm Number' and enter your confirmation code.  Now make a call to 0471 3925800 and start recording.  Press '#' to stop recording.  The recorded file is now available in 'Select previously selected file' in 'Voice Call' page.  If you want to delete your number before confirmation, use delete option in 'Confirm Number'.  After confirmation, you can delete numbers from 'Delete Number'.

Text to Speech File

Using Text to Speech option you only need to type the message our system will automatically convert into voice file and broadcast, ideal for dynamic calling. Accent of the text to speech will be neutral.

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