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Knowledge Base » Bulk SMS » General Questions & Overview
What is the difference between Normal & Priority Routes?
Normal Route : Normal Gateways are commonly used for marketing purpose and sending non-critical bulk messages. Its very cheap when compared to Priority Gateways and ideal for sending bulk promotional messages and non-critical informal messages.

Priority Route : Priority Gateways are commonly used for sending real time critical messages which needs to be delivered instantly like Share Market Buying/Selling Tips, Sending Verification code from website in order to login, Sending high security transaction code to customers in banking & financial sectors and suitable for all business sectors which demands instant delivery. Priority Gateways are little costly than Normal Gateways's

Technical Difference between Normal & Priority Route.

Normal Route : Shared 500 TPS Connectivity with Queue System.

Priority Route : Dedicated 100 TPS Connectivity with Clustered Load Balancing and Dual routing Technology.


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