New Features in Reseller Panel

Balance Checking API For Transactional Route

November 23, 2011 SMS Achariya New Features in Reseller Panel

We have just published the API for checking the balance credit on transactional route.


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New API for Finding Mobile Operator & Circle

November 8, 2011 SMS Achariya New Features in Reseller Panel

As per our Mobile Recharge API customer’s request we have introduced new API for finding Mobile Operator & Circle based on the first 4 digit of the mobile number. URL Format uid=Your_UID&pin=Your_API_PIN&mobile=Mobile_Number Response 2,11 (Operator Code, Circle Code) Click here to download New Mobile Recharge API Documentation If any mobile number is not detecting […]


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New Price Calculator for Calculating Termination Credit

November 6, 2011 SMS Achariya New Features in Reseller Panel

In order to ease your calculation of termination credit and finding average price of customers we have integrated an option to your “Reseller” panel named “Calculate New Credit” Resellers Can Find under “Manage Users” & “Manager Resellers” menu named “Calculate New Credit” Users can find under “My Account” menu named “Calculate New Credit” You can […]


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