HLR LOOKUP-An efficient way of cutting down your communication cost and time !

December 20, 2016 Lohi News & Updates

For a business to flourish it’s not only important to focus on maintaining a healthy bottom line but it is also crucial to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Business communication cost can bleed a business dry if it’s not monitored.  Therefore an intelligent business process involves keeping a tight check of return on investment.

What is HLR Look up exactly?

HLR lookup is a way of cutting down the communication cost and time by maintain a healthy database of mobile numbers.  HLR stands for Home Location Register which is a central database that contains details of each mobile subscriber registered with a mobile network.  The HLR record comprise of IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) which is a unique identifier for each SIM card. The HLR holds other Meta information like Mobile Switching Centre (MSC), Mobile country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). HLR holds real time information which is most updated and accurate information of any mobile subscriber.

HLR lookups helps in finding out information related to the status of any mobile phone number. It provides information on the home network of a mobile subscriber, whether the number is valid, whether the number is active, whether the number is on roaming or whether the number is ported to some other network.


Use Case of Global HLR Look up Service

Below are the few important use cases for Global HLR Lookup Service.


Industry User Case

1.       Keeping the citizen data updated, database sanitization by removing in-active/dead mobile numbers from the list.

2.       Emergency service like 100, Ambulance & Fire can identity the ported operators and helps to route the calls accordingly.

3.       Police, Law & Order departments can real-time monitor whether a number is reachable, number is roaming, if roaming in which network current its registered, which avoids the unnecessary delay in co-ordinating with multiple operators to get the data.


Telecom & VAS Providers  

1.       Can implement LCR (Low Cost Routing) mechanism effectively to save switching cost.

2.       Network Routing optimization and accurate network based billing.

3.       VAS providers can offer different roaming service based on state, country which customers are currently roaming.

4.       Mobile Topup/Recharge providers can find the current mobile operator of their customers.

Call Centres & BPO’s  

1.       Before contacting the customer agents can fetch whether customer is in contactable network, if in network whether customer is roaming, whether customer number is registered with DND (Support only to Indian Numbers) this will help to save agent time, avoid possible penalties, blacklisting etc

2.       Effective call routingby choosing right VOIP routes.

BFSI (Banking & Financial Service Industry)  

1.       Verify customer mobile number without annoying them.

2.       Identify ported numbers with old and current operator.

3.       Identify whether customer is registered with DND (Support only to Indian Number)

4.       Identify whether customer is roaming, so that you can avoid contacting them for pitching an offer or marketing your products.

5.       Database sanitization helps to keep contactable mobile numbers without annoying the customers by sending SMS or calling them.

Web & App Developers  

1.       Identify invalid mobile numbers. This helps to ensure that your data capture is accurate, at the point of submission, and encourages your customer to provide their valid mobile number (for example – user account sign-ups on your website and apps).

2.       Regular database sanitization without annoying your customers by sending SMS or Calls.

3.       Find ported numbers and detect current mobile operators accurately.


Education Institutes  

1.       Keep the alumini database contactable by initiating HLR Clean-up process.

2.       Check whether the student mobile phone is in contactable, roaming etc.

3.       Check why parents numbers are not contactable.


Digital Marketing Companies  

1.       Check contactable status of the lead before handing over to the client.

2.       Segregate database based on ported customers, frequent roaming customers, mobile operator wise, filter invalid/dead number etc.

3.       Save cost & time before sending SMS/Calling Customers by looking whether the number is contactable or not.


E-commerce & Logistics  

1.       Verify customer mobile number before shipping the order.

2.       Find why customer mobile number is not contactable when trying to deliver the order.



Features of Achariya Global HLR Lookup

Achariya Global HLR Look up service gives real time information which helps in getting accurate information about a mobile subscriber that includes details are as below;

  1. Whether number is reachable or in network?
  2. Whether number is roaming or not? If in roaming then in which network currently registered
  3. Whether the number is ported ? if ported whats the current mobile operator.
  4. Get IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity
  5. Get Network Code MCC & MNC
  6. Get Operator Name along with Country
  7. Get 2 digits ISO Country Code
  8. Get MSC in which the number is currently signed into.
  9. Whether the number is registered with DND? (Supports only Indian mobile numbers)

Simple & Easy to Use HTTP API  :HTTP API is used to streamline and support HTTP requests. Our HLR Lookup service incorporates HTTP API which simplifies and paces up the look up process. The real time HLR Look ups can be done using Synchronous API.

Bulk File Upload Option : Customers have the facility to upload excel sheet to get multiple HLR Look up results as an output file.

Global Coverage :Our HLR lookup service covers almost 100+ countries and 1000+ networks to provide the customers most accurate and updated real time information.

Advantage of Global HLR Lookup Service.

  1. Cost Saving
  2. Maintain updated database.
  3. Effectively target customers
  4. Create better engagements
  5. Real Time information

Cost Saving : HLR look up helps in saving communication cost by identifying inactive and obsolete numbers. You can easily remove all the invalid numbers from your database.

Effectively target audience : If you wish to target your promotions to specific audience, you can easily identify specific mobile operators in an area and target them.

HLR for engagement : By identifying the mobile numbers which are recently used you can get a clear idea about the audience which are more likely to respond to your communication efforts.

Validate bulk data : HLR lookup can work with bulk data and is very effective in cleaning database through batch operations.


To know more about our HLR Lookup Click the following link download the case study.






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