Introducing “Hybrid Recharge System”

October 14, 2016 Sreejith News & Updates

Now maximize your earning possibilities from Recharge Services by integrating 3rd Party API’s into your account.

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As mobile operators are continuously reducing the commission for their “Alternative Channel Partners” without any valid reasons, we always understand the difficulties of our customers to generate revenue. And in another side the commission for the “Traditional Channel Partners” are not decreased for many years.

Being a customer centric organization Achariya is always committed to fill this gap in the market and open up new business possibilities for our partners, in this regard we have decided to allow interested resellers to integrate 3rd party API’s into our existing recharge & bill payment platform which allows you to offer flexible business plan without maintaining 2 wallets/platform. Your customers can enjoy all other services through the same platform.

Its simple as how the normal recharge system works only technical difference is that when a recharge request is coming to the system, instead of calling our default connectivity the system will call the configured 3rd party connectivity integrated with your platform.

For an example if you configure Idea – Maharashtra circle through a 3rd party API supplier called “Party A”, when we get a request for Idea – Maharashtra Circle we simply route the transactions to “Party A” API. Similarly you can add/create any number of Supplier API’s in the platform and define your own routing rules.

For Complete details about the “Hybrid Recharge System” please visit

1) Multiple API integration possible (example LAPU API from 3 Vendors & 1 Web API)
2) Option to configure your own commission structure.
3) Option to define which all operators need to be routed through LAPU/3rd Party API in 30 Minutes
4) Amount based routing (like 50 above route to LAPU/3rd Party API below route to Web)
5) Circle Wise routing system for large service providers.
6) Complete Service Management (What all operators required to be show in your retailer platform)
7) Capturing disputes from the customer and showing in your panel.
8) Daily transaction report
9) Commission Management & Allocation for LAPU/3rd Party API Suppliers.
10) Refund Management for failed transactions (Manual Operations) .

1) No need to worry about the Platform maintenance and security.
2) Easy to setup and maintain.
3) Earn & offer commission as per your wish in 30 Minutes
4) Mix LAPU & Web to average your commission.
5) No Coding or Technical Knowledge required
6) No 2 Wallets required for LAPU & Web.
7) Customer can enjoy all other services like bill payment, electricity, bus, flight etc, money transfer through same panel.
8) Additional income from the N-Level Integration and Admin Fees
9) Supports all our existing reseller platform features and service delivery mediums.


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